Harrow Cards

The standard cards in a Harrow Deck are as follows:

SUIT (Strength)
The Paladin (Lawful Good)
The Keep (Neutral Good)
The Big Sky (Chaotic Good)
The Forge (Lawful Neutral)
The Bear (Neutral)
The Uprising (Chaotic Neutral)
The Fiend (Lawful Evil)
The Beating (Neutral Evil)
The Cyclone (Chaotic Evil)

SUIT (Dexterity)
The Dance (Lawful Good)
The Cricket (Neutral Good)
The Juggler (Chaotic Good)
The Locksmith (Lawful Neutral)
The Peacock (Neutral)
The Rabbit Prince (Chaotic Neutral)
The Avalanche (Lawful Evil)
The Crows (Neutral Evil)
The Demon’s Lantern (Chaotic Evil)

SUIT (Constitution)
The Trumpet (Lawful Good)
The Survivor (Neutral Good)
The Desert (Chaotic Good)
The Brass Dwarf (Lawful Neutral)
The Teamster (Neutral)
The Mountain Man (Chaotic Neutral)
The Tangled Briar (Lawful Evil)
The Sickness (Neutral Evil)
The Waxworks (Chaotic Evil)

SUIT (Intelligence)
The Hidden Truth (Lawful Good)
The Wanderer (Neutral Good)
The Joke (Chaotic Good)
The Inquisitor (Lawful Neutral)
The Foreign Trader (Neutral)
The Vision (Chaotic Neutral)
The Raskshasa (Lawful Evil)
The Idiot (Neutral Evil)
The Snakebite (Chaotic Evil)

SUIT (Wisdom)
The Winged Serpent (Lawful Good)
The Midwife (Neutral Good)
The Publican (Chaotic Good)
The Queen Mother (Lawful Neutral)
The Owl (Neutral)
The Carnival (Chaotic Neutral)
The Eclipse (Lawful Evil)
The Mute Hag (Neutral Evil)
The Lost (Chaotic Evil)

SUIT (Charisma)
The Empty Throne (Lawful Good)
The Theater (Neutral Good)
The Unicorn (Chaotic Good)
The Marriage (Lawful Neutral)
The Twin (Neutral)
The Courtesan (Chaotic Neutral)
The Tyrant (Lawful Evil)
The Betrayal (Neutral Evil)
The Liar (Chaotic Evil)

Harrow Cards

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