Character Creation

Point Buy
Player Characters will be created using the Heroic Pathfinder Point Buy which is 20 points.

Character Level
Player Characters must begin at 1st level. No Level Adjustments will be allowed, however if you wish to take a race that has a Level Adjustment of +0, you may do so after seeking approval from the GM.

A character can be of any race as suggested in the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Carrion Crown Player’s Guide. Please note that Ustalav is a paranoid and superstitious place. Magic is not shunned, but is certainly kept at arms length. This extends to races that have backgrounds based in magic such as Elves, Half-Elves and Gnomes. Halflings are accepted as they are deemed to be good luck charms, and Dwarves as seen more as workers and hardy folk.

Half Orcs and the other remaining non-Human races are seen to be very close to monsters and given the wrong circumstances, you may find yourself being chased out of town by a mob with torches and pitchforks.

You will be allowed to be from where you like in the entire of Golarion.

All classes are open for use except those from books in the exceptions list.

Traits and Feats
Player Characters may take feats from any source not listed on the Exceptions List. The only condition is that each character must take at least 1 trait from the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Carrion Crown Player’s Guide. This is to give your character a connection to the setting for the campaign. Any further feats or traits must be relevant to your character’s background.

Special Reward
Working with good backgrounds helps the GM make a more relevant story to each player and certainly makes the adventure come alive. As a result, players who provide a solid background for their character will be entitled to a free Character Trait and an additional 100gp of starting funds. Again, this trait must follow the same rules as mentioned above in that they must be relevant to your character.

Background Conditions
As an addition, you must have your character end up somewhere in Ustalav. It doesn’t matter where but they should be there for at least 2 months and that you have let the Professor know where you are (or at least explain how you managed to be found in order to receive the letter explaining the Professor’s sudden death.

Starting Gold
All characters begin play with 150gp no matter what their roll would or could be for their class.

Book Exceptions
The following books will not be allowed to be used:

  • Ultimate Magic (Words of Power only)
  • Ultimate Combat

Further books may be added to this at a later stage. Please check with you GM before making any decision.

As in all Pathfinder Games, including this one, it is expected that characters will not be evil. All other alignments are allowed.

Character Death and New Characters
As with any campaign, there will always be character deaths or people may wish to change their character for whatever reason. When creating a new character, you will start at the same level as your previous character. Your starting gold will be 3/4 the value of a character of that level based on the information located in the Pathfinder PRD: Gamemastering – Character Wealth per Level Table. There is also a limit on the amount spent on each type of item. PCs that are built after 1st level will be limited to no more than 25% of their wealth on weapons, 25% on armor and protective devices, 25% on other magic items, 15% on disposable items like potions, scrolls, and wands, and 10% on ordinary gear and coins.

Character Creation

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