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The Eye of the Order


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The Headless Rider


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The Final Rapture


Episode 22

The Heroes leave the “brain room” having established that there was much more going on than mere experimentation with local life-forms, and in fact it was an invasion of some kind.

The heroes then moved into a much larger chamber where they soon discover an almost alien landscape. Before them was a room filled with a myriad of alien animal and plant. An alien sanctuary below the waves.

In the centre of the room is a large machine which is being used by two Mi-Go to mash bodies into fertilizer for the alien life. Standing alongside them is a tall lanky creature the heroes find to be a Dimensional Shambler, an alien creature from the great beyond.

The Dimensional Shambler immediately attacks but is quickly dispensed by Roakk’ad.

The Mi-Go, clearly concerned with the intrusion, move in to attack the heroes using a strange alien weapon. The weapon, when activated shoots a cone of cold across the heroes, nearly killing Iaome.

The Mi-Go continue their attack, with only Roakk’ad standing in their way. A few further shots from the weapon manages to freeze Iaome to death.

The Mi-Go are dispensed, and Arno takes Iaome’s body to one of the Mi-Go experimental chambers. Arno gave no time to study the device and activated the machine to repair his fallen friend. Unfortunately, Iaome was attached to her familiar at the time, and the machine could see a better way to assemble the human before her. A few anxious moments later, Iaome was again alive, but somewhat deformed. Arno, somewhat struck with grief could be heard yelling, “She’s alive! SHE’S ALIVE!!!!”

The heroes move back to the alien sanctuary and move into the main research dome of the Mi-Go.

Four Mi-Gos work furiously in this room on the body of what appears to be a man. As the heroes enter, a thick green substance is injected into the man who the heroes recognise as being the possible missing Dark Rider.

The Mi-Gos are quickly dealt with, but not before the Dark Rider explodes into a huge Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath. As the creature forms, the heroes attack, with the newly raised Iaome hexing the creature into a slumber.

Meanwhile, using the Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath, the outer god known as Shub-Niggurath used the creature as an anchor to move onto Golarion, and begins to materialise above the lake above the dome. Roakk’ad delivers the killing blow, destroying the Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath, and with an almighty scream, the outer god fade, but not before causing a shock-wave which shatters the dome above.

The heroes quickly escape and obtain several items which appear to have been taken from the Dark Rider.

The heroes find that the items are that of the missing Seasage Effigy and several pieces of magical equipment. Amongst the belongings is a parchment letter bearing the seal of the Whispering Way. A check of the [[The Dark Rider’s Letter | letter]] shows a that it is addressed from an unknown individual only known as A.A. The letter appears to be to the Dark Rider and a confirmation that the Raven’s Head artefact is indeed required to be used in the creation of the Carrion Crown, the item to be used to return the Whispering Tyrant to his former glory.

The heroes return to the surface soon after and are greeted by Professor Horace Croon and are taken back to Illmarsh.

Roakk’ad shows signs of distress, and begins speaking to himself and rocking backwards and forth. Arno and Augustus establish that Roakk’ad is suffering the effects of a mental breakdown and fear for his mental health.

Iaome suggests that they leave and go to Caliphas as per the letter’s suggestion. She suggests a good point to arrive would be a place called Havenguard Lunatic Asylum, a good place to lodge Roakk’ad and to speak with a man named Dr. Beaurigmand Trice, a Venture Captain of the Pathfinder Society.

The heroes rest for the evening, keeping watch during the night in case of any reprisals. The town appears somewhat somber and unaffected by the ordeal, the majority of the inhabitants not understanding how close they were to the epicentre of the fall of the entirety of Golarion. Never-the less, the heroes thwarted the Outer God’s efforts, and resorted things as they rightly should be.

The next morning after fully recovering and preparing Roakk’ad for the trip, the heroes teleport away to distant Caliphas to meet with the good Dr. Trice.

The Raven's Head


Episode 21

Eye of the Mi-Go


Episode 20

Hive of Scum and Villany


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Ironclad Decent


Episode 18

Rise and Fall of the Lycan Barbarian


Episode 17

Unexpected Arrival


Episode 16

Having teleported to gods knows where, the heroes arrive only to continue their attempts to subdue the out of control, rampaging, barbarian. This time however, some unexpected help arrives to assist them…