Spirit Planchette

A device for communicating with the recently (or in some cases not so recently) departed


Aura moderate divination; CL 9th
Slot none; Price 4,000 gp (brass planchette), 10,000 gp (cold iron planchette), 18,000 gp (silver planchette); Weight 5 lbs.

Carrion_Crown_-_Part_1_-_The_Haunting_of_Harrowstone_page22_image1.pngA spirit planchette is typically found in a wooden case along with a thin wooden board printed with numerous letters and numbers. Nonmagical versions of these divination tools can be purchased in curiosity shops (typically costing 25 gp); while these items can be used as alternative components for augury spells, only magical spirit planchettes allow users to communicate with the other side. Three types of spirit planchettes exist—brass, cold iron, and silver. Each in turn allows an increasingly potent form of divination effect to be utilized. A spirit planchette requires a board to move upon, but this “board” can be made up of letters scribed upon any smooth surface—it need not be a prepared board for a spirit planchette to work.

To use a spirit planchette, in what is called a ‘séance’, you must rest your fingers lightly upon the planchette’s surface and then concentrate on the planchette (as if maintaining a spell with a duration of concentration) for 2d6 rounds while the planchette attunes itself to the ambient spirits of the area.

After this time, the planchette begins to slowly slide in random patterns across the board — at this point, questions may be asked of the spirits by any of the individuals involved in the séance. The consequences of each question asked of the spirits depends upon what type of planchette is used for the divination. The spirits reply in a language understood by the character who asked the question, but resent such contact and give only brief answers to the questions. All questions are answered with “yes,” “no,” or “maybe,” or by spelling out a single word from the letters arranged on the board. The spirits answer each question either in the same round the question is asked (in the case of a yes, no, or maybe answer) or at a rate of one letter per round (in the case of a single word being spelled out).

A ‘séance’ can only be performed with the same Spirit Planchette once per day with up to a maximum of 4 participants taking part in the ceremony. The maximum number of questions you can ask with it depends on the type of planchette being used. Each participant can ask a number of questions in that ‘séance’ as per the type of Spirit Planchette being used. Each time the Spirit Planchette is used in that ‘séance’, a new Will save is required from each participant. Each question above the maximum number of questions for the item provides a cumulative +1 to the DC of the Will Save. Once a person fails their Will save or for whatever reason breaks their connection, the use for that day is expended.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, contact other plane, speak with dead; Cost 2,000 gp (brass spirit planchette), 5,000 gp (cold iron spirit planchette), 9,000 gp (silver spirit planchette)

Spirit Planchette

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