The Shattered Shield of Arnisant


The artifact is displayed in Castle Overwatch and appears to be an ancient, yet simple black wooden shield broken into 12 pieces, with the center piece missing. If the pieces are assembled, it becomes clear that the front of the Shield carries Aroden’s holy symbol: a winged eye in a circle. Due to its current broken condition, the Shield has no power, but is of great historical importance to the people of Lastwall.


The Shattered Shield of Arnisant is all that remains of the artifact known as the Shield of Aroden. The origins of the Shield are shrouded in mystery. Some believe that the god Aroden carried it when he was a mortal, while others claim that it was fashioned by Aroden after his apotheosis and gifted to his first priest. What is known for certain, is that it was carried by the Taldan General Arnisant in the final battle with the Whispering Tyrant during the Shining Crusade.

The general used the power of the Shield to great effect during the war, rallying or rescuing his troops, and keeping defeats from becoming slaughters. In the climactic battle of that decades-long war, the Whispering Tyrant attempted to transport Arnisant’s still-beating heart into his hands by means of a wish spell. The Shield blocked the spell, but was shattered by the power of the lich’s magic. One of the splinters of the Shield buried itself in the Whispering Tyrant’s hand, consuming him in holy fire and destroying the lich once and for all.

After the end of the war and the establishment of the nation of Lastwall, the shards of the Shield were moved to Vigil, where they became a ceremonial object used by the Watcher-Lord during the swearing of great oaths.

The Shattered Shield of Arnisant

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