Sulm Marshan

Goggle-eyed Local (Deceased)


Sulm Marshan is a goggle-eyed man said to have moved to Carrion Hill recently from the coastal town of Illmarsh; he owned and lived in the house in Slipper Market that was destroyed the morning the heroes arrived.

Although found diseased, the heroes discovered that he was one of five members of a small cult called the Keepers of the Oldest who worshiped the Old Gods long forgotten and now hidden in the Dark Tapestry. The heroes also discovered that one of the Dark Riders that they had been following from Felgrau, came to Carrion Hill to assist the cult in bringing forth a spawn of an elder god. The heroes assumed this to be a was of slowing the heroes down should they be somehow survive their encounter with Auren Vrood’s undead army in Felgrau.

Sulm Marshan

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