Horace Croon

Local inventor in Illmarsh


Some say that Horace Croon is almost as old as the sea. Horace is a elderly chap around his mid 50’s who retired to Illmarsh after causing a spectacular explosion in Carrion Hill years ago. He talks little of the experience, instead preferring to talk about some of his more spectacular achievements since.

Horace wears a leather apron smock bearing unidentifiable stains and burns and a set of goggles with multiple colored lenses pulled up on his forehead. His white hair is disheveled, and at times scorched at the tips, with tufts sticking out in tangles in all directions. Horace has an almost manic look, with red-rimmed, sleep-deprived eyes. He is prone to sudden silences in the middle of speaking as he processes new thoughts, and then abruptly switching to apparently unrelated topics that suddenly lead him to experience some new insight.

Overall Horace is a friendly sort, especially with people who appear to be from out of town. He is however sometimes difficult to follow given his meandering monologues and sudden flashes of inspiration.

Horace Croon

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