Alendru Ghoroven

A retired and wizard-turn-teacher and owner of the Unfurling Scroll, the local Ravengro School


A retired wizard-turned-teacher, Alendru teaches reading, history, and math, as well as beginning magical theory. He seeks to elevate “the commoners,” though few of his pupils enjoy the strictness of his classes.

Alendru is also somewhat mad, and relishes in explaining many of his encounters in years gone by. He is especially fond of concocting strange and unusual brews which he offers to unsuspecting visitors. The brews are mostly harmless but have been known to have strange affects.

Alendru also spends his time “inventing” the impossible and believes that he has recently discovered a substance which could be used to extinguish fires. He also has a dark side and has been seen by many of the locals dealing with unusual characters.

The heroes have recently established that Alendru also has the ability to create wands.

Alendru Ghoroven

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