Pathfinder - Carrion Crown


Lightning and Brimstone


Episode 16

Arno is swamped by a ravenous swarm of spiders which are quickly dealt with through the use of several fireballs from Arno’s wand. Arno locates the missing skull of the Anis Hag within the well, and attempts to destroy it using the artifact, the Ravens Head. The blow from the artifact causes a wave of negative energy to blast from the skull, pushing Augustus ad Arno to the ground. As the dust cleared, the blow was found to have destroyed the skull, but also partially cracked the Ravens Head. The druid, having spoken with Arno about the swarm and the fact that it was clear to him that the spider swarm was what was left of one of the witches of the coven, namely the Enis Hag, followed his master’s instructions and set about destroying the Abbey with a lightning storm. This action successfully killed the remaining swarms, and thus the remains of the Anis Hag, as well as caused several fires to break out in the abbey itself.

Arno suddenly realised that the Alchemist would be unaware of what was going on, as he was last seen working in his portable hole. Arno broke away from the group, and raced inside the abbey. Upon entering, the door slammed shut, and Arno came face to face with two vampires. The Paladin followed Arno in after destroying the door, and both quickly dispatch the undead minions.

Arno and the Cleric race upstairs, whilst the Druid and Augustus keep and eye out on the exterior of the building. Meanwhile, Mikael hears the racket above, and realises that the abbey was under attack. Tuning his senses to the sending spell, he quickly communicates with Arno, and establishes the plan of attack. Arno, was almost overcome with smoke, with only the Paladin being his saving grace. But Arno was adamant that he needed something that was inside. Using spider-climb, he crawled along the outside edges of the building, allowing access to the room containing the near completed Anis Hag skeleton. There, Arno collected the skeleton, and dragged it outside on the group.

The group took the skeleton away for the abbey and the druid, with the last remaining lightning bolts, attempted to destroy the skeleton. The attempts was unsuccessful, and the group now understood why the paladins who undertook the quest to take her bones to every corner of Ustalv did what was required, for the Hag’s bones were near impenetrable.

The heroes, after catching their breath, then made their way downstairs into the cellars of the abbey. There they came face to face with a monstrosity, ebbing with power. The creature was that of a ancient Blood Knight, which had gained its power from the Whispering Tyrant himself hundreds of years ago. The heroes took on the creature, ists blood creating a hazard for the heroes, however Augustus’ arrows found their marks, and the creature was defeated. But all was not as it seemed, and the heroes soon found that they were not alone as they quickly realised that the second twin of the witches was present, and had become a vampire herself…


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