Letter from an Unnamed Source

To my pursuers,

I apologize for not being in touch sooner, but each time I begin to write a missive, it appears that you have thwarted yet another attempt of mine to slow your seemingly endless and unwavering advance. I agree that you have suffered losses, much as have I, however I feel that my losses are measured and certainly acceptable. I am not sure however that you can say the same for yours. But I digress.

I have been attempting to monitor the conditions in Illmarsh however the happenings there made the situation somewhat problematic, and I was unable to ascertain where you might be able to be contacted next. Indeed, I almost dared hope that you would fail to survive the events transpiring in that town – I would have considered that more than a fair trade for failing to obtain the Raven’s Head. Yet, when the figurative smoke cleared, I was disappointed to discover that you had not only emerged from the chaos intact, but were bearing the very relic I had sought for myself. I should point out that this is more an inconvenience rather than a requirement for my plans. It was, after all, one of the greatest stumbling blocks in my research – after all, the relic itself had been missing for almost a millenia. But as they say, there is always more than one way to skin the proverbial cat.

Let it be known that I was somewhat more recently surprised with your subsequent victory over my dullahan Barliss Rask – even after I gave him the name of your newly acquired Pharasmin Inquisitor. And then there was the subsequent discovery of the Caliphas safe-house, which I greeted less with anger than with resignation, because at this point I’m well past being surprised by your resourcefulness. Although I was somewhat disappointed with you allowing the poor Count Alpon Caromarc to pass as he did. Nevermind. I’m sure that someone in Vieland is thanking you for letting it happen. But again, I digress.

Since you seem determined to pursue me, we have two issues to be resolved.

First, the Raven’s Head. I know now that, as a group, your resolve to come after me is unshakeable. But should any of you harbor private doubts as to the rightness of your cause, especially with the interest that the Order has shown in the relic, know this: if you are able to dispose of the mace, you will not find me ungrateful. I would prefer that you arrange its delivery to my hands, but its destruction would also be acceptable, as would sequestering it where it will be safely out of reach. I understand if you doubt my sincerity, but I assure you, my admiration for your accomplishments is genuine. Should one or more of you prove yourselves an ally rather than an obstacle to me, I would be a fool to destroy such a useful asset – and I hope you know by now that I am no fool.

Second, your next steps. As you might expect, I have seen to the destruction of all pertinent records in the safe-house, along with anything else that might point you further along the trail. At this point, however, I no longer have any illusions that this will prevent you from making progress. You will certainly discover the actions of my agents in Caliphas, and will very likely destroy them and put an end to their plans. Once that is done, you will undoubtedly scrape together enough information to end your pursuit and strike against me directly. A confrontation between you and I is almost inevitable. The only question is whether you can reach that point before or after my plans bear fruit. I confess that I almost hope it’s the former, as I would be very disappointed if I was able to effect your destruction too easily.

So, continue your pursuit, and take pride in your successes, but know that your true test is not whether you can defeat those who stand in your way, but rather whether you can do so in time reach me while you still have any hope of victory. I have been quite impressed with your skills thus far; I hope you will continue to live up to my expectations.



Letter from an Unnamed Source

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