Pathfinder - Carrion Crown


Eye of the Needle


Episode 9

Having dispatched 3 vampire minions, the heroes are confronted by several armed guards who Arno presumed to have been charmed by the vampires. The heroes make their way downstairs only to be followed by both the guards and the flames which were set to engulf the building. Sadiki begun to tend to the fire whilst allowing the others to follow the vampire to its lair.

Sadiki was then set upon by the guards, but not for long as the flames engulfed his position and he was forced to flee outside and make his way around the other side of the building to rendezvous with the rest of the group.

Meanwhile Arno, Augustus, Mikael and Quinley make their way down a corridor only to be confronted by 4 more vampire guards, all whilst still being pursued by 4 of the charmed guards.

Several of the vampires were vanquished, however Mikael was being overwhelmed. Quinley jumped down to assist, while Augustus and Arno held off the attackers from pursuing them down the stairs.

It was not until a third wave consisting of 3 of the blood brew affected vampires and their leader, Radvir Giovanni, a well dress vampire who wielded am exotic and ferocious melee weapon with blades which flew in all directions, that things became dire. During the melee, Mikael was almost drained of his life energy by the lead vampire’s draining touch, if not for Arno yelling Cayden Cailean’s name. This action sent healing powers through Arno and into Mikael, but not before draining Arno of some of his own life essence. Augustus helped as well by restoring the alchemist’s life essence through Pharasma’s gift.

The door to outside now remained open. It was now the heroes decision whether to flee, or deal with this vampire menace once and for all…



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