Pathfinder - Carrion Crown


Interview with the Vampires


Episode 6

The heroes venture to the The Quarterfaux Archives in the company of Abraun Chalest. In a disused section of the vaults, they discover a hidden passage behind the statue of a Priest of Pharasma who was excommunicated due to his beliefs. This passage led a secret hideout of the The Whispering Way. There, the heroes met the twin brother of Nevan Blackthorne, the dhampir Quinley Blackthorne who revealed his concerns regarding the possible connection between The Whispering Way and the deaths of numerous vampires in recent weeks. Seeing that their paths were aligning themselves, the heroes agreed to assist Quinley who soon after agreed to set up a meeting with the vampire underground in order to get to the bottom of the situation. Whilst their waited for Quinley to contact the vampires, each of the heroes prepared themselves, however Arno returned to the Palace of Voices to meet with Marrian and Paulo Carameizta to continue his practice for the opera. After practice, he returned with Marrian who introduced him to a vampire named Florian Lamorath. Unfortunately, that is all that Arno could recall. Later that evening, the heroes rendezvous with Quinley in Restoration Park only to find that instead of a secretive vampire underground, as Quinley said there was, the heroes found that the vampires themselves were there to greet the heroes. Upon entering the greenhouse in order to enter the underground, they briefly spoke with the druid vampire Merrick Sais, who showed them the way in. After walking through several hundred feet of corridors and sewers, the heroes were ambushed by eight ravenous vampires. Was this a trap after all?




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