Pathfinder - Carrion Crown


The Iron Statue


Episode 4

Having dealt with an Undead Agent of the Whispering Way, the heroes met with members of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye during their weekly ceremony. They there were met with mixed reactions until theiy were befriended by Abraun Chalest. After speaking at length with Abraun, they learned that he could give them access to the Esoteric Vaults, where they could learn more about the Poem of the Whispering Way, the Carrion Crown and Vampires so as to piece together the organisation’s next move…

After resting for most of the day, the heroes made their way to The Quarterfaux Archives and speak with their new friend Abraun Chalest. Having spent most of the morning with the notes collected by Arno since his time in Ravengro, Augustus discovered a name – Adivion Adrissant who appeared to be some how connected to everything that had occurred regarding the creation of the Carrion Crown. Keen to present this information, Augustus brought the name to [:abraun-chalest | Abraun Chalest]]. Abraun recalled the name but was unsure as to where he had heard it, however if he came across anything, would certainly promise to pass the details on. The heroes and Abraun then made their way back to the Haladay Theatre to continue their research.

As they arrived, they observed a tall, middle aged gentleman speaking with the leader of the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye, Brother Edjureus Modd. Arno suggested the back door would be more appropriate in order to avoid any further questions from the Grand Master – after all, Abraun was allowing the heroes access to the vault with no permission from the Grand Master. The man, who was talking to the Grand Master observed Abraun, and appeared to be please to see him. He beckoned Abraun over and after a quick chat asked the heroes to be introduced. Arno recognised the man as Count Lucinean Galdana, leader of the Amaans, an area of Ustalav north of Caliphas. The Count appeared to be more interested in the heroes exploits and asked them to join him for an ale at a later stage that evening. The heroes and Abraun excused themselves, and they took the back-way into the Theatre.

Shortly thereafter, the heroes again entered the vaults and commenced the investigation, this time with a focus of learning more about the Whispering Way, the history of Tar-Baphon, and if there is any mention of a man named Adivion Adrissant. After several more hours, the heroes discovered a slew of information pertaining to the topics they were researching (see Tar-Baphon, The Whispering Tyrant, The Whispering Way) except that there was no mention of the name Adivion Adrissant. The heroes did however discover an item which was a device held dear by the Whispering Way called the Moribund Key. Mikael recognised it as the same item that the headless horseman was wearing.

After a quick trip into the portable hole, the alchemist was carrying, he recovered the key. There the heroes learned about the use of the key. Also pictured with the key was a statue claiming to show the hideout of the Whispering Way in Caliphas. Abraun immediately recognised the picture as that of a statue in the Vault.

Having removed several tapestries, Abraun uncovered the statue, a large Gargoyle with a a medallion similar in appearance to the key. Arno discovered that the statue was magical and was somehow warded. Mikael took a closer look and found that the key could be turned to match the symbols on the statue, however wanted to know more about the key first. After concocting a potion, and examining the key, Mikael learned its properties. Instead of potentially activating the statue, Mikael decided to attempt to disable the warding. In doing so, Mikael triggered what appeared to be a distorted shimmering image of a city of some sort and swirling mists appeared. Suddenly the room shuddered and from the whisps of images appeared four large horrific creatures made of bone. Arno identified the creates as Bone Devils, but it was too late, as the creatures attacked.

Their first instruction was block the heroes’ escape with a wall of ice, and then start to dismember each hero, one by one. One of the tapestries fell on top of Braun, knowing him to the ground. The battle was fierce, with Arno and Mikael both affected by the fear radiating from the creatures. Arno eventually composed himself enough to start casting spells and singing a tune, however after several more attacks, he had become poisoned by the creatures. Mikael, was a different story, his main persona retreating into his subconscious, leaving the creature known as Mephisto to remain out in the open. Eventually after Arno was able to cast a haste spell, Augustus quickly dispatched the creatures. None of the heroes were lost, but Mikael was feeling much worse for ware. Sadiki, who had managed to avoid most of the blows from the creatures spotted Mikael in the form of his alter ego. Deciding that Mikael appeared to be protecting the artifact (Raven’s Head) rather than appearing to want to capture it, he decided not to act against the creature, but to keep it under surveillance for now.

With the creatures gone, the heroes healed up before deciding their next course of action…



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