Pathfinder - Carrion Crown


Keepers of the Deep


Episode 11

After the heroes best the evil Priests from the Illmarshian temple to Gozreh, the three make their way into the church itself to deal with what’s inside…

As the heroes enter into the church, they are set upon by 4 of the evil priests. Two of the priests fall victim to Roakk’ad’s axe, while the other three flee into the main hall. Mopec, quickly barges past Roakk’ad to deal with them himself. As Mopec stood in the main temple floor, a Chuul magically teleported into the room, slicing the cleric in half with its massive claws.

Next into the room was Sarasan. Unfortunately, it was not the bounty hunter’s day, as the Chuul, known to the Priests as the Scion of the Sea, casts a spell which dismisses the bounty hunter back to the Shadow realm. Roakk’ad however, was not perturbed and continued his relentless assault.

Meanwhile, as luck would have it, fate presented two new companions who have come to Illmarsh for very different reasons both eager to assist in the hunting down of the Whispering Way…



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