Pathfinder - Carrion Crown


Where Beasts May Come


Episode 13

Having proven the innocence of the Beast of Lepistadt, the heroes embark on a new mission for the Palantine Eye where they hope to answer some unanswered questions about the break in at the University of Lepistadt…

After conducting some purchases of much needed supplies in Leipidstadt, and collecting the reward, the heroes venture to Judge Diarmid’s for dinner having been invited earlier that evening.

The conversation quickly moved to what was behind the bombing at the inn. This of course led to course how Vorstag and Grine’s chemical works could be claimed by the heroes. The judge agreed to make the arrangements. Luckily she was not aware that Rurrt had every intention to make this the base of operations for the thieves guild.

During the conversation, the judge mentioned that it was still not clear, from what the heroes had informed her, of what connection it all had with Vorstag and Grine and how the Beast became involved. The question remained a mystery other than the fact that Homoculi footprints were found at the scene of the crime in the University and that Vorstag and Grine had utilised Homunculus in their premises. They also mentioned that a man’s name was found in the ledger of Vorstag and Grine which indicated a connection with the Whispering Way. However what was not clear was how the Beast of Lepistadt was used to commit the crime of breaking into the university, and what purpose stealing the statue of the Seasage Effigy had. These two questions remained unanswered.

With that, Kalissa asked more questions about the Order of the Palatine Eye. The judge freely explained more about the Order after having warded the room. This include the structure and what their aims were. The Judge offered membership to both Kalissa and Arno, however Rurrt was advised that the order may not be for him. Both Kalissa and Ando decided to consider the offer over the next few days.

The Judge then asked the heroes to again indulge her with a task to visit the creator of the Beast of Lepistadt who may be able to assist them as to why the creature turned its back on the goodness that it had shown during the trial, by breaking into the University. The heroes agreed and left to rest for the night at with the Crooked Kin and explain their meeting to Roakk’ad.

Whilst en-route, the heroes came upon a large group of townsfolk, armed with pitchforks and torches. Kalissa kept her distance, whilst Ando and Rurrt went to investigate. It was not long before they learned that the mob was forming to go into the swamp to hunt the beast. Rurrt took exception, and went toe-to-toe with a pair of Sczarni Thugs. Thinking better of it, he quickly lost them in the crowd, and made his way into the forest, only to return later once the crowd had left. In the meantime, with sub subterfuge, Ando managed to convince the crowd that the Beast was back in town, and as a result, the mob stormed the city.

The next morning the heroes began their trip to Schloss Caromarc, the home of Alphon Caromarc, the previous ruler of the Vieland and the creator of the Beast of Lepistadt.

After a half day journey, the heroes arrived at Schloss Caromarc to find the place guarded by a pair of Troll Hounds. Roakk’ad, thinking the creature to be easy pickings, moved into the deal with the creatures. Unfortunately they were more ferocious that first thought, and Roakk’ad was dealt a few nasty blows. Not wanting to leave him alone to fight the beasts, Rurrt and Kalissa moved into assist. Ando however took the horses to safety.

Suddenly, Rurrt was stuck by a flying piece of masonry which was quickly discovered to have been thrown by one of two trolls perched up (although quite cramped) in the gatehouse towers. After a tough battle, the troll hounds were dispatched and Roakk’ad made his way to the front gate. With brute strength, and a few quick blows from his axe, the dilapidated gates came down.

As the gates fell, Roakk’ad was set upon by a group of goblins who had apparently taken up residence in the gatehouse with the trolls. Roakk’ad quickly sent the creatures to rest with Lamashtu, as the remaining heroes, except Rurrt, headed inside.

Rurrt, with the assistance of a Spider Climb spell, leaped onto the outside walls, and moved to eliminate the troll threat. It was not long before these two were dealt with. Meanwhile, inside the gatehouse, Roakk’ad came face to face with the troll leader. With the assistance of Ando, and his healing wand, and a number of successful blows from Roakk’ad axe, the create was felled. As the heroes examined the damage, and coated the trolls remains in acid, a long troll looked over the secondary gate, concerned from the welfare of his friends…



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